Applying Rotation to a model doesn't work - Reverts back to original value

Hi everyone!

I have a model with animation and I am needing to export it for a game.
I have to rotate the armature around 90 degress (as when I export it out into Away3D the model is always facing the wrong way so I am counteracting this) and so I am trying to zero out the values by applying the new rotate (CTRL + A > Rotation).

This seems to work until I run through the animation again - and the rotation value has returned to the same value as before but even weirder still, the model has rotated a further 90 degrees (the value that was supposed to be zeroed out).

Is there any way to counteract this? Or am I just doing something wrong?

Any help would be much appreciated. Cheers!

Did you remember to mark a keyframe (LocRot) after repositioning the object? (Guess.)

Also, remember to “Clear Rotation” on an object before you start to animate its rotation.

Thanks a lot sundialsvc4! I had marked a keyframe but I hadn’t cleared the rotation (that’s what did the trick!).

Thanks very much!