Applying Scale change Object's size?


I made a simple model and I want to freeze, reset, apply… the scale.
because when I tried to apply the armature it changes it’s size.

In Object mode I click Ctrl+A and choose apply Scale and as you can see on the animated Gif, it changes the size of my object…

How can I apply it’s scale without change the current size? :confused:

  • CLICK HERE to see the full size image with the Dimentions size.

Do you have it parented to something? Make sure you don’t have your armature parented to the mesh. Other than that, you need to supply a blend if you just don’t want guesses.

It’s not parented yet, I even deleted the Armature to see if that was the problem.
I attached the file so you can have a look, I’m not sure what I do wrong I hope you can see my mistake.

Thanks ahead!

Apply_Scale_Fail.blend (555 KB)

It has something to do with the ‘Delta Transforms’, under object data (the cube) , delta transforms you have all the scales at .2

Long time no chit-chat Photox! :slight_smile:
I don’t know a thing about the delta transforms, it may happen when I messed first with the armature (before I delted it)

So even if I apply the delta transforms and apply scale again, still… not working, any idea how can I fix it and apply the scale?

If you make all the delta scales 1.00, and the x location 0, scale the object in object mode, and then apply it, it won’t change.

How do I change the delta scales to 1.00 ?
when I click Ctrl+A I only see few delta options such as “Delta to” I never used delta so I don’t even see them on the T or N menus… I’ll keep look around while you read this hehe :slight_smile:

it’s Under the ‘Object Data’ tab (the cube)

So is there a way I can change the Delta Transform without changing the mesh and only then re-scale it before I apply the Scale in object mode?

I’m trying to reset it without change it manually so it will be exactly as it is now.

Offhand I’m not sure of a quick/easy way. Maybe someone will chime in. I’m afraid to admit that I have never actually used the delta transform panel and have, well, absolutely no idea what she does there.

I think if you change the delta scale from .2 to 1, and then hit s .2 enter it will wind up being the same size and you can apply it.

I guess I messed up from the beginning,

The issue originally came when I tried to skin it with armature using Ctrl+P > Automatic Weights
and the results made the mesh twisted… so I thought maybe if I’ll just apply it’s scale, rotation, location it won’t happen.

Now I did it manually, and again whenever I try to add the armature, the mesh is getting smaller and weird.

copy your deltas to your transform values. Then make your delta values 0 for loc, 0 for rot, and 1 for scale. Don’t forget you have one on z location as well. Then apply your location and scale and your object and it will be exactly as you left it. A delta is nothing more than a difference on the transform matrix.

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Beautiful solution! Worked for me :upside_down_face: Thanks a lot! By the way is a pretty similar logic to maya´s orient to rotation transform node conversion.