april fools!

did any of yous get april-fool-orised today? our whole school did :smiley: see, the district took away this thing we used to have called ‘access’ where you had the rest of the school day after lunchto go to other teachers classes to work on stuff, go home if you wanted to, or whatever on wednesdays (now we have the last half of everyclass on wednesdays) . anyways they had this whole article on the front of the school newspaper about how they got it back… but it was an april fools joke :o . some people were mad, others were laughing… then they had like the whole rest of the newspaper full of fake stuff (like how the prom was going to be held at the bowling alley, and bunches of other stuff). i dont think they ever said that any of it was a joke though…(i only got a few paragraphs before someone stole it tho :smiley: ). anyways, did anything happen to you ?

I didn’t get april foolsed today, because for me it’s the 2nd. I didn’t get April foolsed yesterday either but your story’s cool

in the morning my school announced that the school had overestamated the time we spent in school, so we would hafto stay in school for the first monday & tuesday of spring break

they also put out a ‘Special Edition’ of the school news paper filled with lies like we were now allowed to use cell phones in class

but you shouldnt be allowed to use mobiles in class

My brother got his wife to tell my mother he owed money to the tax people, thus taking a few weeks off the end of her life hehe.

Yeah I did 2 April fool jokes,

At school we work on a project, and soon we have to do some presentation. At friday we’re free from school, so I told, I wanted to go friday to school because they planned to get some good places to put your presentation at. Some stuff that you could get and that would save a lot of time I said, like there where a limit amount of big boards, presentation computers containing big flatscreens and such. So I said I go to school then, so some classmates, yeah ok, nice idea I go also before the stuff is out of stock.

So on friday I got a call, hey, where are you, we are all here, nobody here and you’re still at home. I said, yeah ofcourse, it’s 1 april :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m inside a Call of Duty clan, and a while ago there where some screenshots released of the upcomming game Call of Duty2. So I downloaded some screens, made them really small like it was a screenshot from a internet video and compressed the jpeg files with 1, so they where exstreemly bad quality. So I went to the clan TeamSpeak server and told I download a Leaked trailer of COD2, then my dad called me and I said ooh I have to go, and leaved a link in ts console.

Right before 24:00 I joined the ts server, and everyone was there, where I can’t find that trailer, holy whatever, awesome screenshots :stuck_out_tongue: ad such. Then I said, dudes, it’s 1 april :stuck_out_tongue:

I got them all, they believed it truely and forgot that it was 1 april. Geheheh, I told it really seriously, not even with a liittle mile, and sure I got them all. :smiley:

Some years ago, some guys i know, made up a letter, like one from te police.
In the letter stood that there had been an murder or something in the neighbourhood, and that all males there had to get some eargrease (if that is the word, but you know what i mean) and deliver it at the policestation in our town. :stuck_out_tongue:

they made of about 1000 letters, so the police had a serious problem.
How cool is that?

But my own joke was to put an egg on my brothers alarm, when he wakes up: :smiley:

I did the same thing I do every year to my family: elastic on the sprayer nozzle deely on the sink. You’d think they’d learn. They don’t even bother to take the elastic off, it’s like they forget it’s there. And it’s not like it’s hidden, it’s a huge yellow rubber band on a black nozzle thingy. They turn on the tap, get soaked, turn it off, and half an hour later, do it again.

hehhe jeeves I’ve done that, except my parents told told me “don’t ever fu*king do that again!!” %|

Did anyone catch the so-called “realism enhancements” in the Steam Update News? :wink:

My favorite was that you have to fill out a form to get your weapon fixed. And once I saw that they AWP price had been cut in half, i figured it was a joke. I mean, who wants to make things easier for AWPers?

ya i got that, i thought it was real and i almost stoped playing

that would have sucked to have to fill out that form

If you’re not a regular reader go back to Apr. 1 on slashdot.org. Pretty funny.

Collegehumor.com had a spoof page saying they’d been bought by Phillip Morris with a ton of pro-smoking propaganda, it was also priceless.