aqsis and yafray sites are down


i have heared that each engine comes with more render tools and more close blender integration.

might look like we get some toys to play with soon


title != post

anyway i thnik it more a “virus on the server” problem!
a sasser case.

german village kid power :wink:

This is one of the pointless posts ive ever read. So pointless in fact that i had to reply and say that it was very pointless.

Is aqsis better than yafray? It certenly need, more phases to convert .blend to aqsis file. is it worth it?

mh depensds,

aqsis lacks some render tools like raytracing
so cuastics or so aqsis cannot render.

but its fast and as far as i know they work on an new material system as well to support renderman shaders. anyway you can send the exported ribs later also to different renderengines like 3delight which kickass.


yeah whhile were at it, www.cgtalkcom is down to

not at all…

all are back! so i know 4 3d sites who were down!
all back again!

CGTalk has been on and off for me lately. I haven’t been able to get to anything with a address, but if I remove the www. and just use, it works fine.

cgtalk is updating its servers currently, or so i hear.