Ar 15

Modelled in Blender using only booleans. Dnyameshed in zbrush. Retopod in blender. textured and baked in substance painter. Rendered in marmoset toolbag.

This is hella wicked m8. I rate it 8/8

Great work. But why it seems floating in the air?:spin:

Very cool model, and the texturing looks great. Curious why the holes in the stock are still modeled on the retopo’d version, but other details such as the ridges on the barrel aren’t as detailed? If it’s for a game, would it benefit from having those holes modeled? I’m just thinking you wouldn’t really see those since they’d be out of the field of view most of the time, but you’re always seeing the front.

Thanks so much for your responses
the reason they are there is so that the gun would look “correct” from all angles. although i ignored some detail up the front of the gun those holes were shallow and didnt pass through the gun also the detail there was alot finer so the normal map was better adept to take care of it.

As for it floating in the air i made some re renders with it more “grounded”