AR Drone Simulator

Bringing you next gen graphics, this exciting game features 4 incredibly detailed maps to fly in and 3 fun mini games to play. Fight enemy drones or just enjoy flying alone. Fight with missiles or lasers but remember, DON’T GET HIT! Buy now to experience this ultra realistic flight simulator for yourself!

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Bringing you next gen graphics

4 incredibly detailed maps


Also, Half-Life barrels :eek:

The drone controls look good. :wink:

the graphics don’t look next gen, sorry…

its called advertising

It’s called false advertising, although in that case you’re probably just following by example from EA. Still, looks pretty fun.

I think you need a bit of work on your definition of next gen graphics.

Hahaha, well I think TARDIS is right here :D. Next gen looks a little more realistic XD. But it looks fun, though I don´t have too much money lying around, so I wouldn´t buy it. How is the selling working? Did some people already buy it?

I’d change water to a better looking one and use reflection maps for Windows - that’d bring game graphics like 3x up. Also - please make a video - who’d like to play game if they don’t know how it looks. False advertising is not the best thing to do. People will avoid buying it if you type one, but there is something else in screens.

3 people bought the game

I did make a video

Looks good! Drone’s flying looks really smooth, my only two cents is a reminder to be careful of copyright infringement, some of those textures look borrowed, and although I don’t think valve would make a lawsuit out of some recycled barrel textures, its something to be aware of :smiley: blend on friend!

It would be more fun if you upgraded it to have real flight sim psychics, it’s easy with a script or two that would add some local Z force on all 4 points that the props are located at; Like a car suspension script. If you do that then if a corner is blocked from above and the player keeps trying to raise it up then the craft will flip and all the local z for and the gravity will bring it towards the grand quit fast like real life.
If you want to make some real Money make some environment psychics like the palm leafs having a spring or a bend down effect if you land on it. I’d recommend making some Ring challenges like the PS One did for the fist Harry Potter broom flight class level.
Another free gold nugget if you want it is If you built a game mode like the early mac game where your a helicopter that you have to quickly pick a landing spot and safely land as it comes down. The game had different height buildings with the same width as the player to land on top of it. they weren’t too fair from each other, that you could land on or blowup if only part of the craft touched. Something like that but in 3D With the upgraded sim physics.

“I think you need a bit of work on your definition of next gen graphics.”
To Nicholas’ credit, I think the quadcopter could be considered next gen graphics to some degree of the definition.

This would make a really great VR game.

Yeah, sure. It looks soooooo realistic. I could easily mistake that for a real drone. I mean look at it! It even has Fresnel on it!