AR experience made with Blender

In the last weeks, as part of the Exight Team, I worked on an AR experience for smartphones where I had the pleasure of creating and animating the 3D scene elements. This video is the target rendering we used as the art direction for the AR programming. The catch is that the experience doesn’t need an installation on device and is compatible with most smartphones and AR headsets. We will also optimize the experience for future devices such as Apple’s Vision Pro. Stay tuned and check out Exight`s Website for more information:

If you would like to work with us, please contact:

AR Programming: Daniel Dinnes

Concept: Stefan Hahn

Sound: Christian Pössnicker

CGI and VFX: Julian Pössnicker

#visionpro #augmentedreality #unity3d #blender3d


We have a little update - We did a visual effects breakdown video where we show the additional compositing we did. This is the first time we heavily used post effects for depth of field and motion blur in a separate compositor. What are your experiences with depth of field effects outside of Blender?