Arabic sword

ARABIC SWORD , my last work :slight_smile:
blender2.63 + cycles + gimp 2.8 !

It looks like a great sword and scabbard … very nice texturing … in need of a more pleasing setting. Some kind of perhaps-satin background is needed for them to sit on. The lighting on the scabbard tends to obscure the lettering.

But bear in mind that this is CG, not reality. The two objects could easily be in different layers, and illuminated with different layer-specific lights, so that “what’s good for the goose (the sword)” doesn’t have to be “good for the gander (the scabbard),” and no one but you must be any whit the wiser. :smiley: You’re free to combine the perfect lighting for the sword, and the perfect lighting for the scabbard, in the same shot. Even though you couldn’t conceive of doing such a thing in real life, this is not real life.

thanks @sundialsvc4 ;):yes: