Aracade Hunter: FPS Help meh!

I’ve never really done anything like a FPS before, but last night I had an idea for a simple game and I’ve already hit my first speed bump: I need a gun setup. Not a FPS gun setup, but one where you cant move (WASD) only look (Mouse movement), like the old turkey hunting arcade games with the big orange plastic shotguns.

So I think:, click = shoot.


only I don’t know how to click = shoot.
because it’s not just click = shoot, it’s click = shoot invisible object (bullet), make smoke, show the animation of the gun, arm, and camera, and play the shooting sound, all at once.
So…can a brotha get a hand?:ba:



check this tuto

you would also grab some python tips

black reaper: well…thanks and no thanks…you did save me the trouble of tfinding that tute (i’ve used it before) but what I’m really looking for is how to make the thing shoot, play the anim, make the sound, etc. Would it be best to make a chain of:

Mouse: Left Click — AND — Message: fire ?

there is no way you would learn it from a tuto because it doesn’t exist any.

but what you can find is people helping you out when your work is progressing. I don’t know what are your trouble since I don’t know how far is your game

but what I can tell you is how to make a bullet fire. Set an empty at the tip of your gun ( the place where the bullet has to goes out ) and program it to add a invisible box ( which will be in the second layer) set a LinV set up and that it ! I don’t know If was clear but if you have trouble show me your blend and I’ll help you out.

thanks man! Thats basically what I needed! It all makes perfect sense! I’ll just build off of this!
And btw, I haven’t really gotten very far…just doing some tests…prepro done…