Arachnid Warrior

It has long been my goal, since like 2 years ago when I was working with bryce 4, to recreate the warrior bugs from Starship Troopers. I work on it for a while quit and come back to it and finally I’m approaching the point where I think I’m almost there. This is what I have right now.

What I can see looks pretty good… that said, I can’t see very much…

Your render could use much better lighting and background, right now it’s really hard to see.

Sorry, this isn’t really the intended setting more my creation and my lighting sensibilities aren’t that fine tuned. Anyway here are two pics that will hopefully shine some more light. :wink:

That is a really nice clean mesh. Great work.

Some better lighting and this will look really nice.


Fantastic work. Very professional.

Modelling creatures has never been my strong point in Blender and I think a lot of people find it difficult. You’ve done a fine job!

The proportion, modelling and texturing have all been done very well. I’ll look forward to to seeing an animation :wink:


This is good, modeling, texturing…
I like this movie,too.

This has a nearly perfect resemblance to the bugs. The only thing I would change is the reflectivity of the bug’s armor. I know it’s hard and whatnot, but you still have to take into account the fact that the bugs live on a nearly desert world with a bunch of sand. Though that could just be a personal quirk. Still very good work.

love it looks like the little robot you have following you on doom 3 expansion.
or starship troopers.

I know that the shine isn’t quite right Streen. What I’m working on now is mostly the bump map and I’m not quite done with that. I’m kind of making it like it simply sprang into existence, no dirt or grime. After I’m satisfied with the look untouched I plan to go back and add the grime that it would pick up from walking around and just living.

There is a free version of the warrior bug, I think it is 3ds format? on the web somewhere (giant model repository…) we were using it for debugging the 3ds import and export…


Rigged a basic armature, which by the way was quite a bit different from doing it in 2.3 versions, anyway here’s a simple pose. Also how do you host movies and such.

I was looking at some of my reference pics and I decided that there was some geometry that no matter how clever my bump map was I wouldn’t be able to include so i started reworking it and this is what I have so far.

C&C appreciated

check out these images

i prefer the legs. the ones you modeled look to stiff.

otherwise great work sofar.

The problem with modeling the bug is that after I went all over the place to get reference pics and compared them they’re all different. Some of the difference is only slight and some drastic. Right now I chose this picture as my main reference because I think that it is the closest to the movie.

i stuck together the jaw and inner mandible and got a better mesh flow.

Looking pretty good. With some better lighting and a more scenic environment it’ll make a great render. Keep it up.

Wow! :o That’s great! Your attention to detail is awesome. Good work BenMan 88.

I think I have what will be very close to the final geometry of my bug. :wink:
Render and cage pics

C&C please!!!



Got the armature rigged and threw together a pose. :wink:

I’ve been following this thred and i think your project is coming along.I happen to be a fan of the movie and when i saw your model,i fliped.Looks very profesional to me.
Awesome job