Got a feeling yesterday that I should model a spider. This the first “organic living thing” I’ve modeled. Whadda you think?

Next step: Rigging and animating something cool out of it.


great work! maybe you can show show other views of the spider

Well of course!

Here’s a closeup, it reveals more detail, but more areas to work on too (for example the detail on the head, the leg paintings and hair)


wow, that looks awesome… i tried to model a spider ages ago, but a more uniform spider… big hairy legs and the like… didn’t go so well xD

thanks highlander!


Materials redefined and stuff:

Beware the extreme closeup!

Rigging done! animation coming soon.

wow thats amaaaazing the texture work is superb and please tell me that its not on skin.

It’s not skin, just a wall under a warm light. not a bad idea though! :wink: