Aramture problem!


I would say I’m not new to Blender as I have used it for about 7 months now and I am really enjoying using the software but there is one problem. I have made characters before and given them an armature and it works absolutely fine it is just on this character there is a terrible problem. I have added the armature, named all the bones and parented the mesh with the armature. There is one problem with the leg bone, none of the others e.g. arm, which is when I move it the mesh does move with the armature but the mesh is really delayed and far behind! It also turns smaller and kind of squishes up. I have added weight paint and everything but I don’t know what is wrong! Can you help please? :frowning:



These are a few screenshots


Seems like you got it weight painted from other bones, so they pull their weight as you move the other bone. They kinda fight for the weight in general. If you post a blend I could point out the locations for you

Yeh I worked it out in the end. Well spotted though. Thanks