Arcade Shoot 'em up Space Game

Hello everyone, I’m a brazilian IT student and I’ve been working on this Arcade space game for a week now. I started with blender 2 months ago and Always been interested in game development. Hope to get some feedback and tips to conclude my game.


Hello again, came back to update you guys with the newest version

Nice game Koromaru! I like your camera perspective change game mechanic a lot. Haven’t see anyone ever do that with space shooter before. one thing that bugs me a bit(just my opinion) is the movement of the asteriods, as well as their size. There is no variation in size which makes the game a bit uninteresting. Perhaps changing the size of the asteriods and making them move at different speeds would be more challenging. Maybe you already intended to do that though so just ignore my advice in that case. Considering you’ve only used blender for 2 months and been developing the game for 1 week, this is great progress. Look forward to more updates!

Hi Polygobblerr, really apreciate your comment here. I actually didn’t think of making it vary more, and even if I had, your advice would have been welcomed anyway ;). I’m changing the size of everything a lot, if you compare the two videos, everything is very different sized. I already made the direction that they move random, if you follow one asteroid that I not explode, you can see that they change directions. But I will definitely put more variety into it. Thx and keep following the thread.

Hello again, just added a few more things into the game, as soon as the video uploads I will add it to the post Enjoy and I’m counting with your feedback :cool:


Preview of the 4º build, release as soon as I discover a way to make depth of field do not decrease performance so much.

Hello again! Nice update, you’ve got yourself an interesting game here. :slight_smile: It’s feeling a lot better with the large and small asteroids now. I think the next logical step is to add powerups, perhaps when a random asteroid is destroyed and maybe when you defeat the last enemy. Your first enemy reminds me a lot of the Space Invader guys, is that where you got the inspiration from? The second enemy looks interesting as well they must be more for defensive purposes since they only track the player left to right and shoot plasma balls cowardly from the top of the screen. Great job so far!

Hello Polygobblerr. It will definitely have some power ups and different lasers types. It’s difficult to talk about space games and don’t think in Space Invaders. When I was a kid, I remember playing some retro space games with a lot of synchronized enemy movement, I had that in mind when doing that. Thx for following the thread and I will keep updating it.

looks good remind me to the 90s

Hello again, you guys can call me Koromaru. Just finished the new version of the game, adding some post processing, thanks to Martins Upitis who made some scripts which I had to modificate to fit the project. If the frame rate is too slow, would be nice to post your experience and your pc’s specifications, I’m planning on doing a video configuration menu in the future, so don’t worry. A new move with space button was added, and I expect too read some feedback. Thanks everyone, and enjoy.

Hey this is looking pretty rad bro! I like the visual effects, although I would maybe vary up the asteroids in the background? They’re getting a little visually monotonous.

I also like the transitions to the side, they break up the gameplay very nicely.

KotarosDevgame i’m glad if you feel nostalgia, that’s the intention, and thx for the commentary.
Dr. Binary thx for the feedback, just made some of then move. Pls, keep following the Thread.

Hello guys, I don’t know if I can post it here, but I’m having some problems with trying to play a animation in local axis with logic bricks, appreciate if someone helps out.

You might already know this but the camera isn’t moving at all during gameplay, while in the animation the camera is animated. Do you have a playAction actuator activated for the camera too? If not this could be the difference between the two. Other than that I would need to see the brick layouts for the camera and the ship.

Hello Dr. Binary, thx for the reply, the problem isn’t actually the camera’s movement, but the ship’s movement, I din’t put the actuator in the camera for the video, but if you pay atention to the ship, it’s moving on the global axis instead of the local when the game start.

Try ticking the “Add” button, next to the “L” in the actuator. This is “supposed” to let the action add to local coordinates rather than replace them with the values found in the action. That being said, actions tend to do weird things in the bge. Then, did you save the framekeys as Rot or LocRot?

Just Tested with the “ADD” and “L” button pressed. but the result was strange, the animation was the same, but the ship became tiny and I just discovered this Rotation and LocRotation thing, don’t whats it’s about.

LocRot is location+rotation, I wanted to make sure that wasn’t interfering with what you had going on.
Now, it looks like you included scale at the least in your animation. I would redo setting the animation keyframes, make sure that when you press i to set the keyframe, only choose rotation from the dropdown menu. That way both scale and location are left alone by the animation.

Or if you want from the action editor you can select specific keyframes for the scale and location channels and delete the ones throwing your animation off. An example below shows the screen you would be looking for.

Thx for your help, but it is still not working, it only work like the first part of the video when I change to YZX Euler, but when I start the game it goes back to global like the second part.

update: current state

Hello again, it’s been a while since I posted something, but I made some progress and wanted to share with you. I will bee later posting a gameplay video. Unfortunately I won’t bee able to put everything that I wanted in the game XD.