arch vis full house

my new project is planned to be a full house interior, with a video fly though… i have some very low res architectural plans and furniture catalogs… the glass on the table has failed at this res, it looks much nicer when it has more pixels unfortunately…


fixed up the glass a bit and tried my hand at some leather (ish) materials. i was a little saddened by this thread whipping off the first page without a single look, but there you go…


It looks very grainy. Anything you can do to fix that?

increase photon count, change diff. radius, final gather samples and AA… but these are just test renders… i dont like waiting any more than about 5 mins for test. final renders will be much clearer

Well, okay. I can’t tell much about the leather material, but the layout and so forth looks good.

The layout, to me, looks like a college lounge.

I like the easy chairs, both the modelling and the color.

I guess your going to put textures on everything in the room? So its not all white, thats what I thought when I saw the first image–all white. Makes it look kind of ?institutional?. But then… I thought I liked that.

my 2 cents


this is some great work so far, im currently doing something like this but yours is ways btter. i love how the glass looks

Skyler - working on the leather material as i write this, it’s looking much more sensible now.

a59303 - yeah, everything will get materials, some shaders and some textures, im looking at some funky wall paper designs for feature walls. - not the stuff people had in the 70s though. even it this was going to be all white, there would still be a lot of texturing work, all white needs spec, bump etc still…

annoyer707 - thanks, im going to be using frosted glass surfaces for draws and cupboards a bit. and i’ll check out your work if your doing something similar - when it gets a wip thread that is,…