Archangel wings

I’ve modeled some angel wings based off of Archangel from X-Men 3. I’d love some feedback. I plan on adding more detail and texturing to the feathers. I also rigged the model too, so I have some animations. I’m looking for some crits on the first animation too(the flight one). Thanks for your time.



looks nice…

lol…the reaper, with wings!:slight_smile:

i wish i had wings like that

Nicely done!
The feathers should be a little less thick, from my point of view. With a good texture, it will be very great!
Maybe a little bit of softbodies (nearly nothing, i think) to make the feathers bend a little when moving. Just an idea…

Be well

the wings are so nice! my only suggestion (on the first one) would be to let the wingtips bend in towards the center at the end of the downstroke. it seems a bit rigid or something right now. the wingtips could follow the rest of the wing delayed just a bit, especially when the wings come up. i’d like to see a screen shot of the rigging that goes into this. if you’d be so kind. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback. I don’t know if I rigged it correctly. I first set it up with only 5 bones for each wing, then found out I wanted to have more control with the feathers separating as the wing spreads out. So I subdivided the 5 bones into 19 and then parented the feathers (all are separate meshes) to the individual bones.

So now when the wing opens up, the feathers start to separate too. The downside is that you have to incrementally move each bone for this to happen - there’s probably a better way of doing this. If there is, I’d love to hear it!



I’ll work on getting soft bodies on the feathers. I put it on the wings so there’s a little bit of “flabby” jiggle but it doesn’t come through with the particle hair I put on it.

for your bone issue, try auto Ik in the armature panel

I turned it on but it doesn’t do anything different than when I had it turned off…I turned it on by clicking Edit panel > Artmature tab > Auto IK button.

hmm odd…

Are the bones connected in an IK chain?

Sorry for my ignorance, but how can I tell? (This is my first rig)…

wings look great, can’t help you with the rig sorry. Note on the name, the character is actualy called Angel. He becomes Archangel later on when his wings are amputated, and he becomes evil, and gets metal wings from Apocalypse.(he becomes good again later, and the metal wings get destroyed, but his normal wings are underneth, but thats beside the point)