Archimedes- The Open Cad

Architects and technicians, What do U think about this???


under osx it’s not very stable…
but its a project and has now not very much to show…
but it would be the only cad, next to pythoncad (?) and qcad (half commercial), that is open…so i’m happy!!

hey thats pretty cool! it definitelyshows promise, the interface is uber-familiar since we’ve all been indoctrinated with autocad. if someday it uses 3d and parametric objects (wich in my opinion every respectable architect program should)…i may come on board.

…but its tough to leave a program like archicad that generates sections/elevations for you and also manages your sheets (a program that draws AND automates some of the drudgery of construction documents is great)

…ill be keepin an eye on this one!

Not even a screenshot of the program on their site? :confused: