Archimesh window autohole problem

Hi im new to this forum. Ive been following tutorials by a guy called blender guru particularly the bathroom architect one. Im using archimesh addon and have added two windows. However when i try to render with a light source the windows do not let any light in and if i open the room in render view i can see what was the windows have solid blocks in their place with the same material as the room. anyone ran into this problem before.


Hi! I’m also a rookie, and I came across&resolved this exact same problem today.
I’m not sure if you need help with this anymore, but if you still do, then: Try to scale up the boundary box (the invisible box around the visible window) until you can see the hole in the wall. In some cases the boundary box can be too thin to cut the hole in the wall. Hope this will help you! :slight_smile:

Jeez. Thank you! Also a rookie and I’d been messing with this for hours!:spin::spin::slight_smile:

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I’m having the same problem. How do I scale that box?

Sorry for the late reply again, but yeiii, I’m so happy it helped! :relaxed:

I am trying to start up archimesh and found that in tools I must press render all thumbs ,as there is a question mark there I assume that something may not be downloaded or what , can you help me

I find the way to solve this!! Click Wall and under Modifier properties, change Boolean mode to [Union]. The default is [Difference]. Hope it solves the problem.