Archipack free removal

Sadly, Blender-Archipack “official” version 1.2.8x was removed from blender 3.x series

We should stay away from even the slightest impression that contributors to Blender have monetary benefits with related side business. You would want that from others too (fluids, render engines, asset packs, game mods, modeling tools, plant growing addons, etc).

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Be assured, this rule will not apply to financial contributors.

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Well that’s an odd decision for a software that relates to or is funded by big names that could give this impression - and not just a slight one furthermore. :thinking:

Also, is this really a good reason in the first place? I can understand one would not want to give a chance to transmit such impression, but is the solution to just drop features? Couldn’t it just be to change the way things are presented and communicated?

I guess the decision is already made and set.

Surely I am misunderstanding this: Does this mean if you are the author of a commercial Blender addon you shouldn’t be contributing to the Blender codebase?

For contributors to Blender that means that they decide to contribute unconditionally, fully Free and open, without other motivation than making Blender better. Aside of hundreds of volunteers, over 30 people do this already within a paid job (20 via BF, 10 via other organizations).

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I guess Nvidia people involved are not motivated by other things than throwing love to blender ?

While I understand some addons being removed, like blenderkit, archipack even if an old version, was fully functional and a great addition to Blender. This move is just mind boggling…

You are misunderstanding. This applyes to only add ins that cone with blender, they must follow certain rules, this is one of them

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I guess the free here is as in freedom as the paid jobs at the BF are indeed paid (and I guess those paid people wouldn’t contribute that much if funding stopped). A link to a better version to get funding keeps your freedom, so the argument is poor I think, but I can understand it looks better to not have Blender to start getting links to paid products everywhere, which would happen at some point if you allow it. Still, it would be great to have the help go both ways to make it sane.

Blender has 2 important types of contributions. The code contributions and the money contributions. Currently, only the later ones get advertisement touching millions of followers through all the possible channels. I think nobody would argue that those companies are cleaner on a moral/spiritual/legal level and thus would owe to have a better treatment. On top of that, even if their funding represents 0.000001% of their monthly income and they decide to stop funding a few month later, they still will have benefited from a nice washing of their image, a lot of visibility and a lot of advertisement. When a solo developer gives a part of his work to the BF, it represents much more to him in proportion than a few 0.0001%.

I’m ok to keep Blender free of ads and links to paid stuff. Ton could still help solo code contributors who do at least as much and proportionally much more with tweets, etc. to help them back?

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That’s why Maya will remain the central software and the standard for the pipeline for a long time. Because you can plug in all the biggest commercial addons that are essential for the film industry. It’s kind of shooting yourself in the foot. :roll_eyes: