Architechture/Buildings -thread

Post photos of the most grand, beautiful, bizarre, ?? buildings, please :cool:

For modeling and texture examples of course…

I thought this was cool
they have a lot of nice ones

Heres another funky building

If you’re “in” to domes:

(been there when I was a kid. very cool!)

Agbar Tower, Barcelona. By Jean Nouvel.

Olympic funk-era stadium shot - some nice building tourist shot before and after that one, too.

mzungu - nice cutout illustration! Thanks

Alvaro - what a beautiful shot! I also love it how theres a guy sitting on the road photographing the tower

Leon City Hall, Spain. By Mansilla & Tuñón:

The first site has other pages with unusual architecture
Here’s the guggemheim Bilbao museum

Magic mountains!


Alberto Campo Baeza, a fantastic architech. A Master of Light. Stuff for GI exercises.

Church in Seville, A. Campo Baeza

Beautiful concrete arches from

Nice ‘project of the month’ from Canadian Precast Concrete Institute - dozens of concrete structures finished and during construction photos! Lots of good basic building ideas
like this

A bit of everything: interiorism, furniture desing, architecture.

Fronton Recoletos, Madrid, by Suazo & Eduardo Torroja, demolished in 1973. Unfortunately I can’t find good photos of this buiding. The last pic seems to be a render.

Great stuff guys. Thanks for starting this one. Some really cool buildings here that I have never seen before.

Some of the coolest buildings and most innovative as well, are being put up in Dubai right now. Just go and look here for some pictures


Dubai’s going to be ‘the’ city to beat in the 21st century much like how New York was in the 20th.

This would be in world records, architecture, off the wall projects, and innovation in tourist venues.

a favorite. Rafael Moneo’s Roman Museum of Merida. Beautiful use of mortarless roman style bricks and recreation of a ‘roman’ style building without being a ‘fake’ attempt.

but still I only know it by photos and plans :frowning: