Architectural modelling required (SHORTLISTING HAS BEGUN, NO MORE CV'S)

The job advertised below has had a huge number of applicants, we are now in the process of going through everyones work to narrow down the sucsesful candidates. Thank you to everyone who has submitted their work.

Hello everyone,

We are looking for artists with modelling experience in the field of architecture to assist with an upcoming job. You will be tasked with modellling basic geometry and assigning place holder textures. You should be able to work from sketches and cad info. Geometry will need be true to the deisgn intent. The majority of our work is interiors so typically you will be asked build simple geometry however occasionally you need to be able to build light fittings or rework downloaded models that arnt good enough for visualisation purposes.

Example of the sketches we get from the client attached:

Please submit your day rates and availablity.