Architectural modelling/texturing tutorials?

Hello all,

You may remember me as the guy who is constantly out of luck with Blender’s UV unwrapper, and this time is no different, I’m really starting to get fed up with the thing when it takes 10 minutes to model the scene, then it takes more than a hour to texture it, only to start over again because the result is unacceptable.

I (would like to) use Blender for game level design, so 99% of the time I’m doing architectural stuff. Modelling is easy, but I came to the point when I can’t correctly unwrap even a simple room. I see people doing awesome architectures, but I can’t find any tutorial about (texturing) them. All the UV unwrapping tutorials I found are either “Let’s unwrap the default cube!”, or about organic objects/scenes, where I can simply use seams (and ironically enough, I had no problems unwrapping complex organic stuff so far).

So, would you kindly tell me where can I find some more sophisticated UV mapping tutorials?