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Hello!, these are my first archviz images after I finally migrated from 3ds max and corona. I did some other work with blender but since I am a professional archviz artist this was the first battle test I did to blender in my area of expertise :). There is no going back now… Some of these were rendered with e-cycles and some with cycles. Now I am using cycles as it bacame really fast and quality is awesome as always so no need to pay for e-cycles anymore for me. Any comment of feedback is much appreciated. Thanks for taking a look!


If you bought E-cycles, you’ll get updates, AFAIK no matter what version you use it will render faster than ‘vanilla’ cycles. So why not use it?
BTW your work is excellent, looks like you had no problems switching from Max - Corona Render to Blender - Cycles?

I tried the subscription that lasts for three months not the perpetual version. To be honest I was a little confused with all the options at the moment and the description seemed a bit confusing. E-Cycles is indeed incredibly fast but for my needs Cycles with optix and adaptive sampling is more than enough for my daily work. And thanks, I am glad you like it. It was not that difficult since most render engines are somewhat similar once you understand one of them in both biased and unbiased methods. And blender itself is wonderful. It took me a while to get used to it, mostly to feel comfortable, but I could get work done within one or two weeks. I gave blender I go in 2.79 version, and it was way out of my league :slight_smile: so I decided to come back with 2.8 and I am so happy I did.

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There is a subscription…ok, fair enough. I didn’t know.
Well since you are already on Blender and in the business of trying new stuff out and since you seem to do great, why not give Luxrender a whirl. I would really recommend it because of a slight increase in quality you can archive with it.
I am talking about caustics, reflections/refraction and specular highlights.
LuxRender has some advantages over Cycles at the cost of increased complexity and maybe speed in some cases.
You might not need it for all scenes, but close-ups of Glass/Bottles/Ceramic etc on the table for example could profit from it.

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Amazing work! Congrats

These look fantastic. :smiley:

@Totozoos, you’re welcome to community and Blender itself! :blush:nice works here.

these renders just rock!

So glad to see so much more quality archviz with Blender.
And indeed thing asre only getting better step by step for us in the Blender world.

I had the opposite experience of switching from Blender to Corona/Max
and while I relly love Corona - I hate so many things about Max especially UI wise…
Blender is just ahead in many places in terms of doing things quick and simple.
And that impression seems so funny to me now, cause over the years that was one of the main Blender’s throwbacks for people - the awkward UI.
Now with 2.80+ things have just changed for the best (Disagee with all the 2.79 lovers on that one :slight_smile: and I’ve been regularly using Blender since 2.49 - gosh that was an UI)

By the way IMHO this one is ‘featured’ headed :slight_smile:

Really nice. I like the postprocessing here, can you share a bit of that process?

Welcome to the community and amazing work! I go back and forth between maya, blender, and 3Ds at any given time. Blender is a weird one if you don’t fully commit just because it’s so different from other industry standard applications (speaking from a lot of experience) but it is a super powerful tool so I am glad it seems your first big experience was a good one!

These are really fantastic. The lighting is especially good. Did you model all of the objects in Blender or where you working from your existing library?

@djtartak Thank you. Yes max is an old, outdated buggy software. I have used max since the times of discreet but now it is a forsaken piece of software. It has bugs that have been there for years and that is just not acceptable. Now, not only I don’t have to pay a very expensive subscription but I get an awesome piece of software for free and that is just amazing. And yes, once you get used to it, working with blender is lightining fast. I used Corona for quite a long time but since it is stranded in cpu territory it is a no go for me today, not to mention its memory management is just ridiculous. Regarding prior 2.8 versions, I have to be honest, UI was an abomination :smile: way to complicated.

@lacilaci86 Thanks. I render multipass exr and recombine the beauty in Fusion applying the ocio profile from blender to have a 1:1 color space match. I use a lut profile (usually not a 100%) and then a bit of color grade, a simple effects like vignette and chromatic aberration. One thing is, I use cryptomatte extensively to isolate parts of the postprocessing. Really helpful :slight_smile:

@norrid I model everything in blender but I do use models from library of course.
I bought a couple of addons to replace ForestPack in my workflow so Graswald and Botaniq were my first purchases, awesome plugins. Mainly vegetation is from library, otherwise it would take forever to finish an image :smile: Another addon I think is a must and is awesome is uvpackmaster, just awesome. I think it is even better than the packing algorithm of maya (and that is a lot to say because maya UV tools are really good). Original packing in blender is simply TERRIBLE haha.

Thank you all guys for your kind words


I featured you on BlenderNation. Stay safe, and have a great weekend!

You’re #featured! :tada:

Really lovely renders. I came from Lightwave and Maya and agree that Blender always scared me with the UI, but when I got 2.8 that all changed. I don’t think I’ll be looking back.

How long per frame?

Music to my ears :). Welcome to Blender!

The images are wonderfu, so peacefull. I instantly want to sit at that table, look out of the window, slowly sipping at a cup of coffee, musing about life, the universe and everything.

Thank you! I really appreciate it

@PaulWrightyThen Thanks, these took about 40 minutes more or less :slight_smile:

@Sanne Thank you :slight_smile: :smiley:

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Great work. Do you have a tutorial that we can follow? I’m really a beginner and would like to learn more about interior & exterior renderings. Please let me know.