Architectural render

Hello to all this is a work that I’ve just finished. I know there might be a lot of stuff that could be made better but I don’t think that I come back to this project for now. Thanks to all those who helped me with their advice. And thanks to David Nyul for the great car from Blendswap.

Made with blender 2.63 and rendered with cycle.

Very nice to see architectural visualizations here, don’t see often architectural design made in Blender.

Yup, looks really good.

Two things stand out though; the brick textures aren’t aligned on the porch - very noticeable and spoils the look. The straight edges are just too perfect.

And where are the drain pipes, guttering etc?

The flags/paving stones set in the grass look very flat; think you could do with some displacement there and on the brickwork - would help on the tiles too.

The railings could do with having a little gloss in them.

Nice job though. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the comments and critics. I was working on twp project at the same time when I was doing this one. As the client was ok with this render I did not bother about other details. Your points Writer are really good, if I have time I’m going to do those changes. Thanks again for your interest.