Architectural render

Hi, I’ve recently had a chance to work on a architectural visualization witch I haven’t tried before and would like to get some comments on it. There are some things to improve on the model itself but mostly I am interested in compositing of the whole image, what can be done differently to improve it.
Thank you,


Looks Good…
I am not really sure about the curve of the camera…
The main problem for alot of these architectural renders is the fact that the image is boring and not really appealing
The image is bland… as in not enough variation. You could maybe add more bushes or a car or even a tree with s very short brick wall around it
Also the background trees look a bit too flat

The first thing that jumped at me, besides the flatness of the foreground grass is the size of the leaf particles in the background. They appear to be over 1’ wide. I would scale those way down. Add some grunge to the walls, they look very flat and unrealistic. The masonry walls look pretty decent though.

Hi, I made some changes so please comment!