Architectural Sauna - Exterior shots

Hello everyone!

Just to let you know from start I am a first year student in architecture here in Sweden. However, despite the lack of experience we were assigned in school to design a sauna at a specific place. This post isn’t for me to show off my design, instead i simply wanted to share these renders to the blendercommunity to show what you can do with blender and cycles.

The scenes were made quite quickly to meet the deadline and relies more on lighting and hdri pictures instead of detailed modelling.

The task was to design a sauna:

  • That was 45 square meters big
  • Had room for 8-10 people at a time
  • Had changingrooms and toilets
  • As well as a relaxing area

So after three weeks of project time this is my exterior shots made in blender for the presentation!


One last image

Very nice! Can i ask on the water displacement textures?

Thank you Tony! The water dicplacement is from the following blendercookie tutorial:

It is the basic setup with the sky and all except that i actually put on a wooden texture bumpmap on the lake to get the small riffles.


Had a look at your link and it looks absolutely awesome! :smiley: I’m going to take a closer look at it for sure!

According to me u can get help form search engines

Me to, it deserves some deep research. Hope it’ll not crash all the time, as the most interesting things usualy do :slight_smile:

Best wishes and good luck for the New Year guys!

It looks excellent. One thing though, for the glass material there is a trick used by Andrew Price (Blenderguru founder) to reduce the noise but remove the caustics( For your render I think it would help a lot. Or you could mix Glossy + Transparent material to fake glass material.

wow, yea thank you for the tip abdullah! i have had some problems with that before and well, sometimes you dont have the time to render 1000 passes :wink:

No problem, keep up the good work :slight_smile: