Architectural Study

I only had about five hours to do this, about 45 minutes to model and the rest of the time fiddling with the background and lights.

I guess it worked, the client signed a contract when he saw the print.

Plan view in Autocad, dxf to Blender, extruded lines for the walls. Internal ray-tracer, AO was off on the print for the client, but AO is on on this view. A little bit of post-processing was done in Corel Photo-Paint to tweak the color balance and contrast (although you can’t really tell in this low-res image). Then I used CorelDraw to add the logo, labels, and border. Finally printed on 13x19 Epson Enhanced Matte paper.

Very good to me…I think you just need to put a texture in the floor.

it’s good…but not too good

if it’s just a study I don’t think it really matters to have it as high quality and as fully textured as possible. It’s real nice.

Very good model, and great lighting. Ground material need some work though.