architectural visualization

I own a 3D architectural visualization company in the USA. I am looking for someone who speaks english and is open to working via dropbox and Skype. Being able to create images in Blender or Modo is a must. Can you please share your portfolio examples with me?

We are looking for the level of work to be on this level or better:


Hi, I sent you a PM.

I sent you a PM

Hey I am interested in your project. Please contact me if the opportunity is still available.

I also sent a PM. :slight_smile: I’d love to help…


I hope the offer is still up - PM sent.

Hey i sent u PM too.

PM sent too you.


Probably It’ s too late.

Check my web-site below to evaluate the collaboration.


wow so many people eager to do arch vis, so much competition.
Maybe robots and machines and immigrants are taking over all the day jobs…

Damn skippy! I’d guess such jobs likely pays around $20/hr, and you get to do Blender stuff! And even if the pay isn’t that nice, you still get to do Blender stuff. To me that’s more interesting than working at a call center or doing data entry or whatever. (Also done worse for less.) Shame I don’t have a portfolio up to snuff in regards to the desired subject matter or I’d be tossing my hat into the ring here as well.