Architectural walk-through / visualization

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I’m pretty new to 3D animation, and have been asked by a friend who lets offices, etc etc for a living whether I could create some architectural walk-throughs / visualizations (some with the route through the building programmed-in by me, and ii) some that are interactive, so that the user may choose the route, viewpoint, etc).

May I ask, does anyone have any expereince of this that they are willing to pass on to me, please? And is it possible to do this in Blender?

I’d be very grateful for any guidance you can offer.

Thank you in advance
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yes, it is quite easy, with some rudementary knowledge of the blender game engine. basically you just parent your camera to a cube, and give it controls for movement. then export as an .exe
(edit) the game engine subforums might have some helpful links.

Blender is used for architectural work extensively, it’s just not as well documented as other less practical uses. There are how-to books on and several blogs that discuss the subject including Blender3DArchitect (
An updated mouselook/movement script and setup for 2.6 can be found here:
This will enable you to create a scene than can be explored in real time or allow you to record movement for inclusion in an animation. You don’t have to know that much about the game engine to set this up. It’s a very easy process.
I started in Autocad and 3ds Max doing mostly architectural work then learned Blender and I can guarantee you that Blender is ideal for architectural visualization. You can’t get the pin point dimensional precision in Blender that you can in Autocad but in every other way Blender us up to the task…

Thanks, both. I’ll work on all of that.
Best wishes