Architecture Series

Blender 2.63 & Yafaray

Postpro with Gimp

looks quite nice, though series usually means more than one… are there more renders?

That looks amazing O.O

It looks really good.
The mood is great.

Hi thanks for the comment my friend. The title is a general title of mine works when i do architecture designs or scenes. Yes some other renders i have. i will share them soon :slight_smile:

thank you so much

good to share with you !

what type of filter you use the GIMP to get this effect ?

Nice. I’d like to see the whole space, though. So keep them coming :slight_smile: How did you light it? And what render settings did you use?

Hi Gucias

i used color correction, curves and some gradients… for the lens distortion i used blender

thanks for the comment

hi thanks for the comment…

i used area light (window) and sun light. i used photon mapping

Some other renders added fan…

Very nice! Like the vintage mood… How is it made?

Wow, I could cry looking at how beautiful this is.

I really love Architecture and someday i will try it but i really love your image

Nice style !

Beautiful style! I love these colors.