Architecture - visualisations - exterior

Hello everybody!
Here are my visualisations for my uncle. Rendered in cycles (1st & 2nd picture - 750 samples, 3th picture - 600 samples).

I expect from you a lot of criticism in comments. Thanks in advance.

sorry for my English

looks pretty nice from the phone…more comments soon as i’ll be in front of a pc!

Fairly strange lighting:S your sky tells me the scene should be brighter but I think you trying to go for a sunset or night time render. I would suggest if this is for a Archviz purpose it should be more of a day time render. Overall the modeling looks pretty solid…textures are a bit off for me right now. It looks like the roof has quite a bit of reflection on it which is kinda confusing. Also the pavement has a bit too much reflection or gloss:)

Easy fixes so I look forward to updates:P
Happy Blending!

The lighting is strange for me too, i guess that you used ambient occlusion, i think for exterior renders is better to use only sun and environment lighting, because AO kills shadows. And as Derek said, the sun seen in the foreground would produce yelowish lighting with sharper shadows and more light.

Looks nice. How you made that great looking grass??