Hi everyone, it’s my new work on architecture, hope you enjoy.


Very sharp. Very clean. Very realistic.


Yes, very realistic. Unlike so many “arch-viz” renders that seem flat and washed-out, this image makes excellent use of cloh textures and especially shadows. The light source placement is entirely believable. And, the composition is nice, well-balanced and tight.

I could be persuaded that this is a photograph of an actual set. :slight_smile:


Seriously, sometimes the pristine white kitchens with carefully placed recessed can lights and the shiny, unusable bathrooms get old . I usually ignore this kind of thing, because 95% of these projects look EXACTLY the same. This, however, is refreshingly different and realistic. You’ve done a great job getting the drape of the lamp cord right, not to mention everything else. I would live here :slight_smile:


I like the blue painted wall, very nice. Interior too.
But the plant looks so dry, i would throw it away.

You’re #featured! :+1:

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

Awesome! Definitely a realistic and very professional work.

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Hmmm. architectual… nahhh more interior work :slight_smile:

Love the color combo by the way. Only the greenish pillows doesnt really fit in. Nice painting on the wall, is that own art or a google result?


I got the reference from Instagram

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WOW Good work

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It’s all very attractive and competent but I’m struck by what an odd place that is for a light switch.

mamnonam agha mehrdad😉

I really like the colors in this one. Nice!


This is amazing. Do you do freelance work? How much would you charge for something like this?

Thank you; lm working as a freelancer.

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