Archiviz in a forest on a cloudy day (multiple images)

A picture lies more than a thousand words, so instead of lengthy introductions I’ll just give you the pictures. All of them of the same model/building.

The completed main shot:

Go here for a larger image:

An unrealistic theme shot at night:

And a few WIPs:

The night shot was rendered in blender, the others with Yafray. Postpro in photoshop.

EDIT: as requested, here’s an in-blender screenshot.

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Wow! insane rendering work! was just the building made with blender, or were the trees too? keep it up!

Archviz might mean this is an architectual visualization or that it was exported from ‘Archviz’,


Astonishing renders!!! The yafray shots are incredible. Congratulations!!

Haha, you are not going to pull of the true picture as a render gag again :smiley:

No seriously, that is incredible work It took me a while to tell the structure wasnt real.

The few things that give it away: The sharp edge of the structure and green chimnez and ti’s material on the entrance shot.

Incredible Job!

:o i don’t think your newbie

yafray doesn’t work at my pc

Keep Blending!!!

Truly brilliant work.

The day shots are just perfectly lit, which makes them look real.

Great job.


I hope my next render will be as good as this one. Great work. :wink:

That forest looked very Finnish and it looks like I guessed right. :wink:
Great renders, the lighting really makes them blend into the photos.

hmm, thats pretty realistic. can we see some in-blender screen shots ?

Or some wires? :expressionless:

Best work Iv ever seen. Photorealistic.

Insanely amazing work. They’d pass for photos in my opinion. Great job.

Very good work but on the indoor pool shot, maybe make less ripples and have it look more placid. Also the pool color needs a slight hint of blue or bluish-green.

I can sum up my responce in 3 letters . . . W . . . O . . . W.

I would give a more in depth critique, but unfortunatley you haven’t provided enough info about it to critisize on. The lighting is nice, fits very well with the environment, and the materials blend in nicely except for the chinmey stack, it makes it stand out as a CG element. If you could explain more of what PostPro was done and some inside making of info, we could possibly make better suggestions for improvement.

But overall, it’s a nice render. What is your goal for this? An animation? or simply sill frame renders?

:o I am not sure if
I am looking at reference
photos or the rendering. :o

Superb! I use to totally hate or totally love combinations of renders and real-photos. In this case I love it! The photos are of Finland, or maybe sweden or russian …

Great Work! You inspire others to do combinations. :slight_smile:

Model placed in photos…Great work! Do you use Gimp, Photoshop or something else? If possible I would like to see a tutorial! You matched the lighting very well with the renders.

Superb modeling, texturing, lighting, rendering and compositing! Spectacular stuff.

But is this blender? Not trying to be critical, would be good to know process used. It looks like very skillfully done alpha mapping with a simple model. That is a skill indeed, but could you tell us how it was done and what software was used?