ArchViz Living Room

Hi, I would like to share my latest project. Hope you will like it.
Critiques and comment are welcome.

4000 samples, 2,5 h rendertime on GTX 1080

Very nice renders! If I had to point out one thing in the first render, it would be that the rug is a bit flat. Giving that depth might add to the whole room, but other than that it looks great. Keep it up!

Really good , what i like the most is the material variety .

Thank you guys.

Nice render, pretty close to reality. The noise in the second render is very strong for 4000 samples.
What do you use for lighting the scene it’s the best part for me in this render.

Thank you MZGarmi .

Nice job ArcHWiZ, I love what you’ve done with the place. :slight_smile: This is actually the kind of thing I’ve been trying to create for my new apartment setup.

Nice rendering and awesome work. It’s very much photo-realistic. :eyebrowlift: