Archviz Milano

Hello There,
I’ve recently completed an Archviz Project of two Apartments.

Most of the Models were done in Blender,
some of them were Inherited from
my Predecessor so I don’t Exactly know the Origin.
the Vr bit was Developed in Unity but Modeled and Textured in Blender.
For the Rendering I’ve Used K-Cycles, extra-Fun,
and I’ve Redone each and every texture,
cause the one created for mobile didn’t suit the Renders.
Very Boring, but also quite Challengy.

Also for the Renders i Did a bit of Post in Ps.
Here they Go:

I’ve also used these cool BlenderKit Assets for the Renders:
Bottle Plant Vase by Rex Hans
Bottle Plantvase

Cactus by
Bluetooth Sound Bar Sony

Plant Vase Serie 01 by

Artificial Branches Floral Home Decor by

Wood Cloths Hangers

Coffe Machine by

Clock by
Sand Clock by you know who

Glass Liquid Soap Dispenser by

OLD BOOK: The Secret Warning by

These are some Mid Project solid renderings that I find quite Cheerful. I’ve missed Colors in this Project.

and this is the Video of the Vr Experience developed for Mobile

yeah, it was created for Fast Load on Mobile, but After the Renders it just looks awful ahahah.

Thanks for the Scrolling :melting_face: :slight_smile:


Great work, congrats.

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Thank you Oz :slight_smile:

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