Archviz of family house

Architecture visualisation of house


nice house, all in the right place, but i dont like the post pro effect…
makes the walls too white, and the picture is a little blurry?
and put something (like a bush) in the lower left corner?

I do like the render style - reminds me a to old photos.
Word of advice - think about real world problems. Although grass just next to the pool looks good here - in real life situation you would have a lot of mud there. As a result that would be dangerous, ugly and make your pool dirty in no time (dont expect people to jump ONLY on those rocks there ;)). This little gap you have around pool is too small to get all the water that goes out of the pool too. Just details - but visually I do like it a lot.

Thank you, Nezumi. In my next project I will focus on real life more. :slight_smile:

Thank you, DaniT, for your point of view. That´s true, that I maybe used more effects, than it was necesarry.