Archviz project

My first proper archviz project. Gotta keep on training.


I really dig the glass/windows and how light looks in general. The only thing that bothers me is that weird brick texture in 1st image, which looks like floating mid-air, generating weird shadow XD
Dig the sharp renders :ok_hand:

You’re on the #featured row! :+1:

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I featured you on BlenderNation, enjoy :slight_smile:

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How? I’m fairly new to blender, would you mind sharing a picture of the node setup from one texture, no matter how mush I try with my 4K textures, I cannot get the photo realism, and do you have any advise for improving photo realism? Thanks,

Very impressive! :astonished:

Hahaha nice joke!

fantastic work!

@ wiettinen - Really nice work!

@SchrodingersCat - You may want to check out Andrew Price ( aka “Blender Guru” ) on YouTube on how to best achieve photorealism with Blender/Cycles - especially when it comes to how to mix texture maps to control specific attributes like metallic, roughness, bump, etc.

Make sure you are using Filmic color management as well.

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I really love your lighting in first image.
Great image.
*standing applause

I need to learn how to model plants! … But your scenes are so amazing and i love looking at light filled rooms with some artificial lighting.

Is this in blender cycle or octane ?

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its cycles. Havent really tried anything else yet

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It’s awasome.

Good Going!

Very nice!! Where did you get all the furniture and assets?

Really nice images overall. The first image could benefit from curtains around those big windows and the third image feels a bit out of proportion. It’s a very large and open space with a couch in the end. Maybe add more furniture/another seating set or a children’s corner? Or could move the camera closer towards the living area.