Arctic Dragon take 2

Hey there,

A long time ago I started working on a dragon and eventually just lost interest. I was doing some lighting test renders today and just for kicks threw what I had into the scene as a test object. The lighting tests made me miss working on the project so I’m going to finish it.

To Do list:

  • Rebuild face topology and make head smaller
  • Rebuild wings
  • Rebuilding hands and feet (up close they don’t look great)
  • Build inside mouth
  • Sculpt skin (Bake to maps)
  • Rebuild Eyes (should be shaped like an eye)
  • Shape key eye lids
  • Rig body
  • Paint texture maps
  • Injury displacement maps

Long list but it will get done. I liked the idea of a white dragon so it should live where white would be a suitable camouflage. Thought the arctic might be a suitable place.

Looks more like a tame velociraptor than enything else.

Second that.

That said… “Injury displacement maps”… erm… WTF?! I could understand if some animal torturer wants to put “damage decals” on such a mesh but why “displacement”? Makes no sense at all.

well the general shape of the animal will change some but not a lot with the re factoring. I went with a slender bipedal design which is why it looks like a raptor.

The injury displacement maps are for temporary cuts and wounds that have not healed yet. Using a displacement map along with a the correct texture map gives additional depth with out altering the topology of the object.

Looks good so far, but where are the ear fans at least?

This is really great start. Look forward to your next update!

Displacement maps? are you sure you don’t mean normal or bump maps. Seems like displacement maps are an odd choice…
Other than that it looks great so far, I’m looking forward to seeing your choice in textures.

Displacement maps alter vertices, not screen pixels as normal maps do ( per pixel lighting ). I still have the feeling you’re running in the wrong direction.