arduino uno

I started here with an existing model that can be freely found and downloaded.
However, since i’ve been working with Blender and Arduino’s at work i decided.
To create a better looking arduino board.
Here i used Eagle arduino-one wiring sketches, as source for the cycles material of the board.
Where one texture decides the wiring and coloring, and bump, and the other is an overlay of white text.

I steel need to do some more work on the components since this board is different then the other model on the internet.
But oh well i like it so far to see the wiring parts a bit.

The wires where created by selecting lines in a picture editor then using slection grow, to create an outside of the wiring and that was givven a different collor so you get the bump effect


A new render, this time more parts where added, and re-positioned to match the model rev 2,
Its not yet finished but its getting closer to finish.
Using latest render 1000 samples rendered a hour.


Rendered with only 50 samples, well Blender these days does do a good job on rendering :slight_smile:
Improved various stuff, materials en electronics, added a few more electronic parts.


I’m not sure what else could be improved, think its ready, let me know if you spot something wrong.

The board revision in the first image appears to be an R1 (reset button by the rear ICSP headers near the ATmega328P, ATmega8U2 chip near USB port is orthagonal to board edges), while your final model appears to be an R3 (reset button next to the USB port, ATmega16U2 chip near USB port is also orthagonal to board edges.) ( for reference, the R2 has the same reset button positioning as the R1, but the ATmega8U2 it uses is rotated 45° to the board edges ) … taking a look at the pictures just prior to posting this, I just noticed that the lettering on the ATmega328P chip is missing the ‘3’. I cannot get a good view of the silkscreening on the ATmega#U2, but it looks like it might be missing the ‘1’ of the “16” for “MEGA16U2”. I also noticed that the 501K near the voltage regulator and the USB port is green; this is actually a sure sign that the Uno is a counterfeit. it should be black and gold, and labeled “501K” (though on my R2, the layout of the voltage regulator is different (between this component, and the DC barrel port) and labeled “500J”) for overall references, board designs and layouts, here is the official website: otherwise, thank you very much for your work here. it looks wonderful, and works very well. ^.^