Are constraints broken in blender svn?

Or is it just me? For a while I have been unable to use any constraints, either in armatures or ordinary objects. Example: make a new file and add some objects. Select one of them, go to the constraints panel, click “add constraint”, and select “copy rotation” (it seems to happen with all the constraints, not just copy rotation). Blender crashes immediately. I can’t find anything about it in the commit logs or anyone else mentioning it, so I suspect it’s just my build - what could I have done wrong? It’s making rigs virtually impossible at the moment.

no idea, perhaps a bug report with a stack trace is in order? the constraint system has been refactored twice since stable, so you may have stumbled upon a hidden bug.

Yes and no and yes and no : according to the bf-blender-cvs mailing list they are presently being worked on, enhanced, extended. Such a thing may, on occasions, break things a bit and not and do and do not…


Thanks, in that case I’ll wait for a while before filing any bug reports.

Actually, if the version you were using was rather recent, you shouldn’t wait before filing in a bug reports.

In cases of major breakage like this, it’s better to have a false positive than to only learn about it too late.


Good point. OK then, the bug is submitted.

just to note, constraints work fine here… this evenings blender. (couple of hours ago).


yeah, I don’t get segfaults here either, but crashes are strange things; make sure you report all relevant details (operating system version, architecture, graphics card, etc. etc.) , what exactly you did when the crash happens, stack trace and so forth.


I’ve heard reports of one other guy who gets crashes. The crash was in a pretty unrelated part of the code, so I’m not quite sure what’s causing this.

Here, I don’t get any crashes, so it would help if you could compile a debug build and get a backtrace from blender about this (if you compile your own builds).


Thanks for the replies. I can get the backtrace tomorrow, but I’m not sure how. What is the command to get a debug build through scons?

Oh, never mind, a reply from the bug tracker told me how to do the backtrace. Now I must sleep…