Are my switches OK?

Any feedback on these would be appreciated. I’ve been staring at them so long now I can’t tell what’s working and what isn’t.

Technical details: cycles shader is a volumetric emitter with gradients and noise applied with glossy and refraction shaders used for the surface. Geometry is essentially a switch-shaped volume with the solidify modifier in place.

They are part of a larger project, so I am specifically looking for input on the shaders and geometry.

I think they look wonderful! The shaders are simply brilliant and the whole thing looks good. I particularly like the grime on them!

They look good to me. Unless your doing a lot of close up renders a lot of detail is not needed

I love how the light scatters, reminds me of the 1 billion fps video of the light passing through different materials.

No. In fact this will probably be way overkill.

Thanks everyone for the feedback.