Are Old Links Dead On New Site?

On the previous forum I had a link in my signature that pointed to a page which contained links to other pages. “Atom’s Link Page”.

Does that page still exists, search fails to find it.

Do old URL links still work on the new site?

Hi @Atom. You’ll want to try cached versions of threads to retrieve your old sig links. Search engines are good for this in the short term.

Old links work via redirect. For example: resolves to:
Sculpting with UVs and displacements.

Not sure why the thread numbers changed though. :man_shrugging:

Yes, incoming links should still work, although it seems that accessing these links from inside a post doesn’t work. @pfaffman any idea why?

The numbers changed because when you move to a new database, things change :slight_smile: We’ve mapped all the old numbers to the new ones to fix this.

@bartv Oh, you’re right. Noticed some old attachments aren’t being resolved whether clicked or pasted in the address bar. Example: from
[Add-on][WIP]Bevel after Boolean

I don’t think those attachment links are going to work. We resolved all attachments that were embedded in posts, but anything in the ‘personal folders’ has been dropped - we’re not a storage platform after all :slight_smile: Correct, @pfaffman?

Ah. Some broken links ahoy then :violin: :congratulations: (lol saving that emoji, looked for :grave:) R.I.P

My links page did not contain any attachments. It simply pointed to useful solutions, on the BlenderArtists website, that I have found over the years.

It does look like Atom’s Link Page was lost in translation.

I can still find the original link with a Google search, but when I click on it it no longer exists or claims to be “private”.

What was the URL?

Here is the copy link from google.
I searched “BlenderArtists Atom’s Link Page”

…it looks like image upload is currently broken for me as well. It did work yesterday, however.

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