Are the BACK catalogues online?

I’m curious to know whether the studios are putting their BACK catalogues online, on streaming? I don’t personally subscribe to any streaming services yet myself, so… can one watch the OLD Beauty & The Beast (1992) online? Or the ORIGINAL Toy Story?

If not, WILL they be soon??

if you dont watch those on vhs, youre doing it wrong :wink:

joking aside, id bet disney plus has those, i know hulu has some classics. but irc, you can buy those dvds on the disney store, but that was a while back i saw that.

Bro, my VCR died 20 years ago! :slight_smile:

No, not to buy, I’m talking specifically about streaming…

Well? No one knows? :frowning:

It doesn’t have to be overemphasized that torrents have been there all along…

Just about every studio now has their own streaming service (which also provides access to their older shows), with the most notable one being Disney+.

You do have to pay for them though, but what a lot of people do now is subscribe for one month, get their content fix, and then unsubscribe until the next slate of shows hit. They do it one at a time as it costs far less than a dozen subscriptions at once.


Shows and movies. In short, nearly everything they ever made.

I say nearly everything, because the studios have been looking at purging away chunks of their older stuff (as they arguably contain ‘incorrect’ content from a less enlightened age).

Well THAT changes the game Entirely, then!