Are the triangle police going to come get me?

I took a low poly model from League of Legends and thought it would be cool to convert it to a high poly PBR version with nice edge flow as retopology and texturing practice. Rather than start from scratch, I thought I’d just touch up the original edge flow and eliminate triangles. However, this thing has a lot of triangles. Also, a low poly model using triangles seems to have a very different flow in certain ways than high poly models do, and I’m wondering if I’m barking up the wrong tree to even try to do this without starting over. My solution so far has been to just keep the same flow but use a ton of 1-2 edge reduction flows to reduce triangles because told me this is an “optimal” topology. However, it looks ugly, I worry that I have unnecessary polys, I still have a bunch of triangles left over, and I feel like I’m cheating. Does anybody have any opinions on this subject?

Pixar developed SubD Modeling for animation foremost. And the algorithm does not work well with non-quads. For animation and predictable behavior of geometry and shading during surface deformation, it is always recommended to use quads. Always.

Hi, actually you are not too far away from doing it right. Look at this website for reducing quads flow:

I know quads are recommended, but how do you convert a mesh full of triangles to something that has no triangles? It seems to be virtually impossible to change most 2-1 junctions to something that doesn’t have any. I’ve found two “optimized” methods for doing those. One doesn’t work because it ends up turning a neighboring quad into an ngon. The other leaves you with a triangle.