Are there any free tutorials available on the net? Any body?

I’m looking for free tutorials to get started with Blender .Does any body have any idea where to get free tutorials from ?

Look in the Tutorials forum on this site
Also there are litterally hundreds of others such as:

yeah tonnes!
like :wink:

Is it possible to get any more tutorials like the ‘Ginger Bread man’ tutorial ? where you can create different kinds of characters and scenes ?Cause my mind is wandering far beyond my abilities to even start something like creating a short film with a story line ,characters ,back ground ,props etc etc.I am very excited and impatient about achieving all this .But i know i cant at this stage .Thats why an ideal situation for me will be to gain access to more tutorials like the Ginger bread man .So are there any more you can get with a ‘Step by Step’ guideline like the Ginger Bread man Tutorial ?By the way i’m using the current version of Blender i.e 2.57B… So any body?

Just saw your response to the other thread.

I can understand your excitment, but key is patience.

Having many tutorials at your disposal is no use if you are going to be jack of all trades and master of none. Richard Marklew has offered you some links that you may wish to peruse.

In this particular case, my advice is to go back to basics and get one thing done right before moving on.

Ok Kbot .I want to know something before starting any tutorial in the links above. Since i dont have speakers at the moment .Do the video tutorials really give you a ‘step by step’ guide line to follow up exactly as is being shown in the tutorial ?

They updated the tutorials page on the Wiki today:

here’s some, very old, old style, maybe useful:

These should keep you busy and drinking espresso for a while:



These should keep you busy and drinking espresso for a while :yes: :

Enjoy! :slight_smile:

Hi pixelmass is there any free web-site where i can download the books by Tony Mullen for free without having to sign up?

Pixelmass, I suggest you read the forum rules about what is unacceptable in these forums. I’m sure Tony Mullen does not distribute his books via Rapidshare or Hotfile links

Babar, If you want any of Tony Mullens books, buy them. If you go to Amazon and search his books they also allow you to freely read parts of the books.


You are asking to steal from one of our community members, Tony’s stuff is not free.

Nah, after reading some customer reviews about his books on i have a feeling that they wont be very helpful to an entirely new person like me who is entering the world of 3D animation and can’t pass the first locked door.May be i’m wrong. But then how do i assess for my self whether his books are really meant for me after reading customer reviews of his books on Amazon?

There is a nice “classroom” like tutorial series here

Well excuse me folks. All I did was post a link. If there are issues involved with copy-write infringements or such perhaps they should be addressed to whoever is hosting the (removed) link. I am not promoting stealing of any nature, nor did I suspect that such would be the case.
My apologies…

Blender 2.5 pdf manual

There is a section in the forums right here:

Very good for beginners:

Try It is amazing and teaches you everything. It may be a bit dated but most of the concepts are the same and anyone with any sort of common sense and a will to experiment a little will not have a problem transferring it to 2.5x

I know I learnt a lot from this tutorial: