Are there any good motion graphics/graphic design tutorials not focused on abstractness?

Ducky3D’s stuff is interesting but not much use to me (or any of the people I’m trying to put on the Blender party bus).

Are there more tutorials like Ukramedia’s Blender course with a focus on text?

Are there tutorials that would be highly useful for Graphic Designers?

I’m looking for tutorials for things more like this:

and this

May I suggest? “Focus on you!”

So … what’s your “motion-graphics need?” You now seem to find that you’re not yet getting what you came for? Therefore, please tell the community more, please, about what are your particular situations and requirements …

I will start to create some, but in portuguese, my native language. If there is enough demand, I could create english versions as well. I’m not 100% good in english though.

I look forward to your work.

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