Are there any shortcuts to fixing this?

I have a model I’m working on, because its going to replace another model from a game, I cannot just simply edit the finger bones to fit the hands that I’ve done…my question is, is there any shortcut to getting the fingers into the correct places of the bones, without editing the bones? Or must I painstakingly go through all the trouble with manual editing which will take a very long time?

Hunter_vorox2.blend (3.91 MB)

So, you basically want to move the fingers into the same location as the bones? You can do that by simply going into edit mode and moving the according vertices, edges and faces to where you want them to be. Why would there be a shortcut for this? The easiest way I would do this is to move the 3D cursor to where the joint is, select all the faces that need moving, and then rotate using the cursor as the pivot point.