Are there any users in the Central Jersey area?


I am new to the site and, I admit, to Blender too.
I’ve noodled with it over the years since I downloaded and installed V 2.78 but I did not get serious about trying to learn it until the last week.

I have been searching the tutorials on-line and on the Blender site for a week and not found what I need to learn. And the tutorials which do cover this, do not cover how they got to certain settings or made certain views available.

Basically, I want to learn how to scale mesh objects to the exact real world size I need.
I have set my units to “Meter”
I have set my scale to “.01”, which means every CM is a meter.
And I have created a cylinder.

Now, I want to:

  1. Rotate the cylinder
  2. Then scale the cylinder so its diameter is 30 CM real world
  3. Then scale the cylinder so its length is 1.25 meters real world

Once I do that, I want to copy them into a “Three by Three” matrix

Then, I want to build a box around the matrix of boards which are 5 cm thick (real world)
The box should have no front or back panel so the cylinders can be seen.

The reason I am using real world measures is because this is to be:

  1. 3D printed
  2. a learning experience allowing me to create more 3D items I need printer

I believe I have the skills for everything above except scaling the items to real world.

Thanks for any direction to a tutorial which covers this subject or if someone close to me in central New Jersey is willing to earn some coin teaching me these basic skills.

Hi All,
I have found a tutorial which “almost” explained a number of things for me. But I do need to understand or confirm a few items…

I can only attach one image to this so I’ve chosen the settings…
Settings: shows the scale I want to work with
…Units = Meters
…Unit Scale = .01

The workspace image would have been the mesh I am testing with…
…It shows the grid in red lines
The larger squares formed by the bolder red lines contain each a ten by ten grid of less bold or dull squares. Within that, in four of the bolder squares, I have the TOP view of a cylinder.

Please confirm that:
Are the bold red lines, with the mesh covering four of those squares, are four centimeters square?

Are the more dull red lines within the bold red lines millimeters?


Hopefully, here is the workspace image