Are there anyone from Skandinavi here?

Are there anyone from Skandinavi here?
Er det noen fra Skandinavia her?

I am from Norway myself

I am shure there is someone here!


Jeg er her. :stuck_out_tongue:

Jag är svensk. Du kan hitta massa svenskar om du går in på länken i min sig.

Same in English. I am swedish. You can find lots of swedish people on the link in my sig.

Real Norwegian viking, that’s me.

rart at det nesten tok en månte før noen fant denne tråden :-?

funny it took almost a month before someone found this thread :-?

Yeah. I’m swedish. But who cares???

Rovhal! :o

Haha took me a sec to figure it out :smiley:

Finland, Finland, Finland!

But mind you, Finnish is a Fenno-ugrian language, not Scandinavian :slight_smile:


ps. originally I’m from .nl though, but I like to think I’m a .fi

I’m from Estonia. Thats next to skandinavia :wink:

Doesn’t count. Go away :smiley:


Yeah, so I don’t know if I’m from Scandinavia then. Well, then I’m from the Nordic Countries. Finland. Summer should come already, I don’t care about spring and autumn that much, they’re like, transitional seasons. It can be rainy and cold during autumn and cold and windy during spring, but no snow.

That’s interesting.
Mrs. Muffin is from Estonia, (Tallinn). What part of Estii are you from?

Yup, og jeg ved at der også er flere fra danmark, men de har nok valgt ikke at svare da denne tråd er så gammel :slight_smile:

København, Danmark her :slight_smile:
Jeg ved der er flere danskere…

Copenhagen, Denmark here :slight_smile:
I know there are more danes around here…

well I am from sweden, but Never Ever bump a thread older than 4 months!

okey, for this time…I will let it be open…but next time look more closely how old the thread is before posting in it.

Also, if you want to write in your native language, you need to translate it to English as well, since this is a international forum.

I am of Norwegian descent, among other things but I was born and raised in the USA. I live in Holland Michigan if that counts for anything :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah im of norwegian descent to, my grandparents used to speak the language when the were little, dont know if that counts. Im from wisconsin US.

Luv_Muffin I dont think Estonia counts as part of scandanavia does it?

i’m from jesterking-land.