Are there plans to connect Blender's Python built-in console with the text editor?

Hi all,

Anyone knows if there are any plans to connect the Blender built-in python console (the python interactive console not the system console) with Blender’s built-in text editor? I mean like we get in python IDLE, where you write some code and the results come up and can be further processed in the console.

I’m not familiar with IDLE, but there is an operator within the python console to copy the contents of the console as a script:

That leaves you just a ctrl+v away from having the code in the text editor. If you wanna get fancy, you could make an addon to call that function into a named text file, might save you some time, might not!

console also act as a compiler which is not the case for the text editor

also you can manually select lines in console and copy and paste it

happy bl