Are these sound bugs fixed with the new sound system in 2.5?

Because I do know there’s a new sound system in 2.5 and I can’t really report these bugs in 2.49 because of that. Are the following bugs fixed?

1). Sound is either at regular or low volume when playing, changes randomly when the sound starts.
2). Setting the pitch property in python doesn’t work
3). When using one sound file using the filename property in python, and you try to replace it with another file for the same actuator so you can use less sound actuators, it doesn’t overwrite the actual sound you assigned to it in python earlier even if the line giving the earlier assignment isn’t being executed.

I can’t test in 2.5 because random things in the BGE still have to be made to work and is crash-prone and I don’t think they have a logic context button yet, I just want to know.